It’s been a non-stop summer, here’s a snapshot of this month’s highlights:

Evening Standard Rum Club with Diplomático Rum

Evening Standard and The Rum Club teamed up with Diplomático Rum to host intimate experiences at the Ivy Club, with dinner and a rum masterclass. Diplomático European Brand Ambassador Jon Lister and world-renowned spirits expert, Douglas Blyde hosted the evenings.

Sekforde for Vodka & Gin

London Fashion Week is incoming…. Are you a #skinnyb**ch drinker? aka vodka lime and soda… instead try it with Sekforde for Vodka & Gin for a botanical flavoured hit. At under 30 calories per serve, zero artificial flavours, preservatives or additives – it’s a flavourful yet vaguely saintly new serve with a delicious blend of raspberry, rose and sage - great served with Absolute vodka.

Chilean Pisco

Do as the Chilean’s do and drink Chilean Pisco in a Piston -  pisco and good quality tonic, served with a slice of pink grapefruit for a floral and aromatic alternative to a G&T.
Chile’s number 1 spirit is so more than just a component of a pisco sour, dating back 500 years. We are working with 3 of Chile’s finest: Pisco Waqar, El Gobernador and Kappa – all produced at the base of the Atacama valley.