Freshly returned from a whistle stop tour of the home of Chilean pisco, the Elqui valley, Domino is truly converted to the nation’s no.1 spirit. Inspired by the rich history and charming characters behind the country’s leading brands - Waqar, El Gobernador, Kappa and Capel - Chile is definitely on the map in 2019, not just for it’s immensely clear, star-studded skies, nobel prize winning poets and stunning never-ending coast line…their pisco is definitely something to write home about! Delicious sipped with ginger ale or tonic with a citrus twist.

It’s official, Cocchi is making vermouth cool again according to the Evening Standard who we took to the birthplace of the aperitivo in Piedmont, Italy. Watching the Palio di Asti with barebacked horses circling the main square encapsulated the region’s rich history and celebration of its medieval culture, finishing with lashing of Cocchi spritzes and Negronis of course.
You say Jamaica we say Xaymaca!

Plantation rum’s brand new Xaymaca Special Dry only went and won best in show at the recent Mixology Bar Awards in Berlin. Huge congratulations to Alexandre Gabriel and the Maison Ferrand on reinventing the quintessential Jamaican ‘Rum Funk’ or ‘Hogo’ of the 19th century, it’s back and it’s better!