We’re excited to be working with a stream of new clients this spring:


Citadelle gin - a stunning product from the heart of the Cognac, France - the original craft gin made in copper pot stills, it contains nineteen aromatics and botanicals and is the most awarded gin in the world with over 60 medals and awards to its name.


The Sustainable Spirit Co - specialising in producing high quality and environmentally friendly spirits, all of which are available in Eco-Pouches that can be used to refill bottles, decreasing the unnecessary packaging and waste.


Cocchi Rosa and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino have now made their way onto the high street and are now available across leading Waitrose stores nationwide.


Last but not least, Sekforde Drinks have just added a Tequila and Mezcal mixer to their portfolio, made using a combination of prickly pear, fig and bitters, complementing the smoky sweetness of agave based spirits.